Editor: GOW
art direction & graphic design: vivien bertin
wording: Paola hivelin & sophie rokh
Printing: imprimerie du marais, paris

Cover: Printed on 300 g/m2 FSC paper,
red hot stamping, laminated on black cardboard
Print: Quadrichromy on 160 g/m2 Offset PEFC paper
Finishing: Square laminated back with visible stitching
Language: French
Release date: June 2019
Numbered (limited to 300 copies)

2 0 1 9   e d i t i o n   -   P a t r i a r c h y   i s   b u r n i n g
—  L I M I T E D   E D I T I O N   b o o k  —
18x21 cm - 212 pages

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